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Helping people achieve their financial goals.

Professional analysis and guidance.

Define what you want and make a plan.

Grow your assets and generate income.

What do you want?

I operate as a consultant, not a salesperson. So I work for my client to help them analyze options, crunch numbers, and make wise financial decisions.

This can be as simple as, "I want to make sure I'm saving enough for retirement." Or as complex as, "I have multiple businesses, real estate investments, kids, charitable interests, and a complicated family. I want a comprehensive analysis to ensure everything is optimized to save taxes."

Whatever you want financially, I can help you achieve it!

I've been an independent Financial Planner for 8 years and have over 10 years of experience in the financial industry, with a background in accounting, taxes, banking, insurance, and investments. I have a certification in private wealth management and study macroeconomics. So I bring a broad range of experience to the table.

I have also personally vetted a network of specialists that I can leverage for things outside my area of practice. So even if it's not something I can help you with, I'll help you find someone who can.

Who is... Ross Kline?

Ross Kline was born in Frankfort, KY and raised by an accountant. So finance has been an integral part of his life from childhood.

Over time, Ross became fascinated with the financial industry and took particular interest in how wealth is created. This motivated him to focus his educational studies on economics, business management, and mathematics.

After graduation, Ross took a position as a tax preparer and accountant with the family business, but ultimately found the role to be too mundane, longing for more human interaction. So he took a position as a loan officer for a local bank, but quickly found that the sales-driven culture conflicted with his desire to focus on helping people.

After leaving the bank in 2014, Ross found financial planning and discovered his calling in life! He dove in head-first and acquired three licenses (advisory, brokerage, and life insurance) that enable him to offer truly comprehensive service.

As an independent financial planner, Ross has the freedom to work directly with his clients and put their interests first. He develops deep and meaningful relationships with each and every client, to earn their trust in hopes of helping their family for a lifetime.

When not at the office, Ross is an avid outdoorsman and athlete, so you’ll often find him hitting balls on the golf course, panting through the woods on his mountain bike, or lifting weights at the CrossFit gym.

He and his wife Whitney love to travel and enjoy exciting and interesting food from all walks of life, and regularly visit the Rockies for snowboarding, and the Gulf Coast of Florida for turquoise water and relaxation.

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