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Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Financial Services


Highly Individualized Service

Whatever your aspirations, we are focused on helping you achieve them. We build deep and lasting relationships with our clients, and follow the simple philosophy of doing what’s right.

We believe that wealth management is about so much more than wealth. We strive to earn your trust and become part of your inner circle. We're committed to delivering exceptional service and premium investment management.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wealth management. That’s why our highly personalized approach centers around you. From day one, we will work hard to understand your vision, so we can customize an investment plan tailored to your unique objectives.

We provide hands-on, personalized service. Our singular focus is on wealth planning and investment management, allowing us to concentrate on delivering superior long-term results. 

We’re in this together, for the short term and the long haul.

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What is... Wealth Management?

Delegating what’s important, for what matters.

True Wealth Management

Many people claim to offer wealth management, or call themselves a wealth manager, but are actually just portfolio managers trying to sound important.

True wealth management is a comprehensive suite of services that covers all of your financial needs.

Everything from routine accounting, to financial planning, to asset monitoring, to risk mitigation. Like having a personal CFO.

A personal wealth manager is trained to oversee everything pertaining to the management of a wealthy individual’s finances and will have a strong network of professionals to handle tax, legal, and insurance matters as well.


Time is the most valuable asset.

Regardless of how wealthy you become, you cannot change how much time you have left.

You may have 30 more years... or 30 more minutes...

Therefore, it is incredibly important to allocate and invest your time wisely!

By delegating the management of your wealth to a qualified professional, you effectively buy back the time you would have spent researching and administering your affairs, which can instead be invested in creating memories with family, traveling the world, and investing energy in your passions.

You're not giving up control, you're delegating the work and leveraging the intellect of others.


Our Ideal Client







We don't work with everyone... Only intelligent business owners who enjoy life and trust a professional.

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Ross Kline, CWMS®

From a young age, Ross knew his calling was to work in finance. His love of mathematics and economics, paired with a love of people and problem solving, make him ideally suited for the challenging profession of wealth management.

Those who know him refer to him as “a calculating fool who cares” because he's always researching and analyzing concepts to stress-test them in pursuit of the best strategies for his clients.

His industry experience is impressive, having worked in banking, accounting, and insurance before studying economics and investing at Kaplan University to become a Financial Planner and Investment Advisor.

He then went on to earn the Certified Wealth Management Specialist designation from Interfima, was personally mentored by one of the industry’s top professors, and has won several awards.

His motto is: “Wealth is the abundance of; true friends, memories, and love. Money just makes life easier.”

He believes that it is every professional’s duty to use their knowledge and experience to support their community. So, he serves on the board of directors for the local chamber of commerce and does volunteer work with several non-profit organizations. He also takes every opportunity to provide education about money management and investing to help kids get on the path to wealth.

Outside of work, Ross is an avid outdoorsman and athlete, enjoying many different sports and outdoor activities. He spend most of his free time doing CrossFit, mountain biking, and rock climbing, but also enjoys kayaking, snowboarding, mountaineering, and golf.

He and his wife are major “foodies”, traveling all over the world to experience the local culture, cuisine, and landscape. They have two cats and live in Frankfort Kentucky.