We believe that everything we do financially stems from what's truly important; family.

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While many firms focus on your money, and interactions feel transactional... We see every client as a long-term relationship

We want to help you achieve your goals for as long as you need us, and work with your family across generations. Therefore, before agreeing to work together, we have a process to ensure there is a mutual fit.

The first step in that process is a "Fit" meeting where we simply get to know each other. You won't be asked to bring statements, or share your net worth, or be pitched an investment. We don't even make a decision until the next day! We simply want to get to know you as a person, learn What's Important To You, and what you're trying to achieve. We'll introduce you to our approach, explain how we are compensated, and provide plenty of opportunity for questions.

To get started, you can either request an introduction kit with more information, or go ahead and schedule the Fit meeting. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Either way, we'd love to meet you and hope to have a conversation soon!



Over the years, because we've observed that so many people feel apprehension about their financial future, we wanted to a create a process that puts all the pieces of the financial puzzle together and helps our clients feel anticipation.

The Swing FORMula™ is the culmination of that mission. In this video, you'll learn why we call it the swing formula, what F.O.R.M. stands for, and how we help our clients achieve their goals through an ongoing wealth management process that evolves along with your life.



We are not trying to be all things to everyone... We want to be all things to some people.

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High income and high net-worth individuals have unique needs that most advisors are not adequately prepared to serve. They face unique challenges that come with making a lot of money from multiple sources, having complex and illiquid assets, and/or complicated family situations.

We specialize in helping accredited investors avoid and reduce taxes wherever legal by implementing strategies and taking advantage of investment vehicles that most advisors aren't familiar with, or don't even have access to. We understand that our role is not to tell you what to do, but to educate and guide you to better decisions that give you confidence about your finances.

If you're an accredited investor, you need a specialist.

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An inheritance is more than just a sum of money... It represents a lifetime of hard work and discipline. It means the benefactor loved their family enough to preserve an estate for the benefit of future generations. It is a legacy that must be protected and managed wisely to ensure it fulfills it's intended purpose.

We specialize in helping families maximize the benefit of an inheritance by strategically positioning assets in advance to reduce taxes and protect the estate, preparing the beneficiaries for sudden wealth prior to receiving the inheritance, and then helping them manage both their emotions and their actions when the time comes.

If you'll be passing or receiving an estate, you need a specialist.



Focused on adding value, not making sales.



Sifting through hundreds of candidates and returning with options that make sense.

More than just stocks and bonds, our investment services embrace all forms of growing your net worth.



An ongoing process of preparing for and reacting to critical financial events.

Objective, strategic, and tactical. Our wealth management services help you improve all areas of your finances.



Protecting a lifetime of hard work from being eaten away by taxes and fees.

We are positioned and prepared to help your family on both sides of the wealth transfer, to maximize your legacy.

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Wealth Advisor, Host of the Success! Podcast, and Partner at Advanced Financial Solutions

Ross Kline provides financial planning, wealth management, and estate services because he cares about people.

His mission in life is to make a positive impact on those around him by helping them make wiser financial decisions that enhance their life, increase their wealth, and preserve their legacy.




Reception & Hospitality

Jenny is the kind face you'll see when you visit our office, and the friendly voice on the phone when you call. She is constantly looking for ways to help you feel comfortable and cared for.


Client Experience Coordinator

Robin oversees our entire "client experience" to ensure everything goes smoothly and in a timely manner. She also coordinates client events and educational workshops.


Administrative Services

Amber and her team process all client requests and any paperwork that is required. She ensures that everything is done correctly and according to current laws and regulations.



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