About Ross Kline

"A calculating fool who cares"

Ross Kline is a native of Frankfort, KY and an active member of the local community, participating in initiatives with the local Chamber of Commerce and doing volunteer work. He has a deep passion for people and believes every professional’s duty is to use their knowledge and experience to better their community, and that “doing well comes as a result of doing good.”

When asked why he decided to become a Financial Advisor, Ross says, “I always knew that I wanted to work in finance, but after trying several fields in the financial industry, I decided on the advisory field because I’m able to focus on doing right by my clients without any kind of sales pressure. Since I’m independent, I have the freedom to control how I interact with my clients and always put their interests first. I want to better the lives of people around me… and being an Advisor enables me to help my neighbors with something as fundamentally important as money.”

For recreation, Ross enjoys all outdoor activities and spends most of his spare time mountain biking, golfing, and kayaking. He also takes an annual trip to the Rocky Mountains to snowboard. He and his wife Whitney are major “foodies” and love to travel all over the US, experiencing the local cuisine and going backcountry backpacking. They have two beautiful cats, Blue and Onyx, and live in the Willowcrest neighborhood on the west side of Frankfort.