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Advisor Bio

Wealth Manager and Partner at Advanced Financial Solutions

Professional Career

Ross Kline has invested his entire career in the financial industry, with a diverse background of experience in taxes, banking, lending, life insurance, financial & estate planning, and investments!

Over time, because he observed so many high-net-worth individuals feeling overwhelmed by managing their wealth, he decided to create a wealth management process that alleviates their anxieties, and transfers the burden of management, so his clients can focus their time and energy on their family, hobbies, and interests.

This led him to becoming a Wealth Advisor and Partner of Advanced Financial Solutions in 2014, where he co-created The Swing FORMula™, and eventually went on to achieve recognition as a Wealth Management Specialist.

Community Driven

Born and raised in Frankfort, KY, Ross is an active member of the local community, serving as an advisory member on the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors and doing volunteer work with non-profit organizations. He has a deep passion for helping people and believes every professional’s duty is to use their knowledge and experience to better their community. In harmony with this, Ross regularly provides free educational workshops for the public and writes articles for his blog and several other publications.

Personal Interests

Ross enjoys all outdoor activities and spends most of his free time mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking. He also takes an annual trip to the mountains to snowboard. He and his wife Whitney are major “foodies”, traveling all over the world to experience the local culture and landscape. They live in a quiet neighborhood in Frankfort Kentucky with their two cats, Blue and Onyx.