Financial Concierge

Navigating the financial universe on your behalf and identifying products, services, and professionals who match your criteria. Saving you time and creating better outcomes.


Start The Conversation

As fiduciary financial consultants, we believe it is a professional's duty to fully understand their client's financial picture and objectives before providing advice.

So the first step in our process is to have a conversation about what you are trying to achieve, and the context surrounding your financial decisions.

On this phone call, you won't be pitched anything. We will both simply gather information to make an informed decision about working together.


About Ross Kline Wealth Management

We are a team of friendly, caring, professionals who are working together to improve the lives of our clients. We bring a long, broad background of experience to the table that helps us provide intelligent and wise advice that creates better outcomes.

Over the years, we've worked in many different industries, but we now work in wealth management because we draw great satisfaction from relieving the stress of our clients and love helping them preserve and growth their wealth.

Ross Kline

Wealth Advisor

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What We Do

Wealth Management

A true Wealth Manager is trained to be a steward of all your financial affairs. Overseeing everything from routine family accounting to acting as your representative with other professionals. As a result of their broader and deeper understanding of financial options, strategies, and laws, you enjoy better results and have more time for other matters.


We curate investment opportunities for our clients using a fiduciary, consultative approach. From the basics, like stocks and bonds, to advanced strategies using private equity, real estate, and/or insurance products. We have the licenses and training to help you acquire the full spectrum of financial assets, and intelligently explain when and how to use them.

Professional Liaison

We communicate with other professionals either with, or on behalf of our clients. Since we are familiar with the ins and outs of the financial industry, we are in a excellent position to ask the right questions and weed out the best from the rest. Rather than you having to do this on your own, we help you with this process so you receive the highest quality products and services.


What We Charge

Our compensation depends on how you work with us, but every method is designed to be fair and balanced. Aligning our interests to provide you with the highest of advice and service.

Wealth Management

To ensure a baseline level of revenue, so we can pay our people and keep the lights on, we charge an annual retainer based on the scope and complexity of work. However, our true compensation is tied to the performance of our advice.


We carry an array of licenses that enable us to help you acquire any investment you wish. Wherever possible, we choose fee compensation as we believe it best aligns our interests, and only select the trail or commission option when that is not available.

We are happy to explain how we get paid and always educate our clients on what something will cost when providing advice. For a detailed estimate of what it would cost to work together, please schedule Discovery call.


Contact Us

We are a fully virtual company. So we are able to serve clients nationwide, and most of our meetings are held virtually. However, we visit all of our clients in person at least once a year.


+1 (502) 354-7807


Mailing Address:

4 Hudson Hollow Rd, Frankfort, KY 40601