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Investment Portfolios

Professional assistance with finding and managing your investments.

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This portfolio seeks opportunities in traditional growth stocks as well as cyclical companies and turnaround situations with significant potential for growth of capital.

We invest at least 65% of the assets in common stocks, but may also invest in convertibles, preferred stocks, U.S. government securities, bonds,  and/or cash equivalents.



This portfolio invests primarily in well-established companies with strong balance sheets and a history of consistently paying dividends, helping to provide downside resilience and reducing volatility.

We invest primarily in common stocks, securities convertible into common stocks, nonconvertible preferred stocks, U.S. government securities, investment-grade bonds, and cash.



This portfolio provides a way to earn income on your cash reserves while preserving capital and maintaining liquidity. Seeking to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share.

We invest in U.S. treasuries, repurchase agreements, government agency securities, and agency notes & bonds.

Superior Service


Custom-built investment portfolio for your needs.


Education on what you own and how it works.


Access to advanced and alternative assets classes.


Reviews as often as you'd like.

What It Costs

Investment Portfolios

Less than $100k: $500 

$100k-$500k: 1% 
$500k-$1m: 0.75%
$1m+: 0.5%

Alternative Investments

Commission or trail fee. Varies depending on product and company.


No cost to you. The insurance company pays me.


Please note:  As a fiduciary, I never make recommendations based on what I'll get paid. I don't even know in many cases. I believe that if you take care of people and do what's right, you'll never have to worry.

I have acquired more licenses than most advisors in order to provide more options to my clients. However I will happily comply if you would rather I not use an option because you don't like how it compensates me.

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