I calculate my annual cost as a percentage of your net worth. This aligns my interests with yours when providing recommendations and enables me to be truly unbiased.

You want to be richer... and I want you to be richer as well!



The cost for me to manage your investments is calculated as a percentage of your total assets under my management and decreases as your portfolio grows.



Cooking Lesson
Buying a House


Because of the way the insurance industry is currently setup, I am only able to be compensated via commission, which the product company pays me, not you.

Many Advisors have chosen to outsource this service in an effort to be "fee-only" ... but I've chosen to retain it because it enables me to ensure my clients are taken care of properly.


How much I charge for consulting is based on the complexity and experience necessary to provide the advice.

We'll have a preliminary discussion to determine the scope of work and agree on a cost before getting started.


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